OMM YEAH!® Instagram Live Communal Tree Pose Celebrated Unity and National Forest Week

Artisan jeweler partnered with National Forest Foundation to support climate change initiatives through yoga

July 19, 2020, Atlanta, GA – OMM YEAH!® small batch gems, an eco-conscious local business accessorizing and supporting mindful lifestyles, welcomed yoga and tree-lovers nationwide today for a live communal 108-second Tree Pose in celebration of National Forest Week and supporting the planting of trees to overcome climate change.

The OMM YEAH!® Unity Tree Pose harnessed yogi power to stand rooted for our forests and grow our communal branches in support of replanting trees. As trees grow, they help stop climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the air, storing carbon in the trees and soil, and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. A single tree can sequester a half a ton of CO2 over its 100-year lifetime.

Commenting on the virtual gathering, OMM YEAH!® founder, Donna Bogatin, RYT 200 said, “Yoga postures enhance our physicality while enriching our minds. Tree Pose---a standing balancing asana---strengthens, stretches and opens our bodies as it broadens our consciousness. To find balance and growth in Tree Pose, yogis first symbolically plant deep roots with their feet for grounding, then raise arms high towards the sky as energetic branches.”

In conjunction with the Community Tree Pose, OMM YEAH!® small batch gems, National Forest Foundation Small Business Partner, announced the launch of its limited-edition Wildwood Collection of Tree-of-Life inspired gemstone jewelry to raise awareness of the critical need for reforestation.